"Your Heart for an Eye"

Posted by charlieddm on 9:58 PM
By Dr. Danny Magtanong

Aling _____ (name not revealed for confidentiality), 64 y.o., was referred to me at the Section of Prosthodontics, UP College of Dentistry, by a colleague.  She lost half of her upper jaw (maxilla) and her eye due to a type of carcinoma. She underwent several
surgical procedures and now needs a maxillo-facial prosthesis (which includes an obturator and a prosthetic eye), to improve her quality of life.  Although she and her family, are not totally indigents, they definitely needed financial help to cover the expenses of her maxillo-facial prosthesis fabrication.

I, being the attending dentist, am personally giving her the much needed assistance, with the cooperation of the Section of Prosthodontics, UP College of Dentistry and the Philippine Prosthodontic Society.

Financial help may be given through the bank account of the Society, with the following details:

Banco de Oro (BDO)
Account Number:  002380102860
Kindly send a copy of the deposit slip to drdannym@yahoo.com

Thank you so much.

Danilo L. Magtanong, DDM, MHPEd
Associate Professor
College of Dentistry
University of the Philippines Manila